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About Us

WHY CHOOSE Ronin Initiatives? Ronin Initiatives has a history of over twenty years in defense, security, intelligence and related industries. The management is comprised of military veterans that have served in numerous combat zones and operations. We have experience in the highest level of security and intelligence agencies in the United States. We have experience in law enforcement and investigations. We are licensed by the State of Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Bureau, license C16703, and have the background and experience to ensure our products and services work in real-world operations.

We Work To Meet Your Specific Needs Clients Benefit when they are protected by a security firm who believes strongly in looking out for their clients’ best interests. Simply put, we exist to make life easier and safer for our clients. Our senior staff members will customize a solution that best suits your needs. Ronin Initiatives' objectives include prevention of intentional injury as well as unintentional injury (accidental or otherwise) to our client, his/her family, residence, business, or any other asset deemed necessary. Many people are under the impression that they or their assets are not enough at risk to consider advanced security measures. The unfortunate truth is that all one needs to do is read the morning newspaper to realize that violence in the workplace, and on the street is rising. The FBI Uniform Crime Report verifies that violent crime is increasing annually in our nation. Domestic and now foreign terrorism is a valid concern within our borders. Corporations are now finding it necessary to increase their awareness as well as their security assets in order to maintain employee productivity and protect their assets. Ronin Initiatives offers effective means of doing just that.

Our Security Consultants are experts in the fields of executive protection, executive transportation, courier services and training. Ronin Initiatives also maintains state-of-the-art security products, weapons and ammunition inventories to help ensure your safety. Contact Stu Bresson to find out how Ronin Initiatives can assess and evaluate your security concerns today.